Mini Challenge 2

Sharing your actual commodities to the needful using Actuafi (A wifi which allows actual commodities to be transferred using the rules of date transfer). This way, we could also use the existing connections between people in online communities for knowledge.




Welcome to the blog of Team Expressions. Our group consists of four individuals.

Abhishek Gore, currently nosing in his laptop, noting down whatever information he could get.

Agrata Patel, currently observing humans scattered beside her and listening to the sound of beetles(Actual beetles, not the beatles).

Aman Verma, thinking and reading, besides downloading the articles for us. He’s the multitasker of our group.

Khyati Priya, musing and stretching while staring at the laptop(Never underestimate her).

We are B.Des. sophomore from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, except Aman, who is Electronics and Electrical Engineering B.Tech. sophomore(Design Minor) from the same institute.

We participated in the competition to get our gears moving in the field of Interaction design, to familiarize ourselves with the challenges designers encounter daily.

Sitting in this lonely corridor, with the only light source being the sunlight coming from one end of it, we think, that’s what we look forward to in this competition. It’s our light source.